In your opinion is easier or harder to reach buyers today? If you're like most of my sales and marketing clients over the past few weeks you answered harder. In fact a lot harder.

Everyone wants to know, how do we reach this next generation of buyers. They don't answer the phone! They don't check voice-mail! They're using 15 different forms of digital communication! How do I reach them?!

While the channels through which we engage these new buyers will continue to change, the one element that will remain consistent is that Authenticity Matters Most.

Why is this?

Over the past decade Millennials have developed a seriously powerful bullshit detector. We can spot BS a mile away. This trend started with Generation X but has only intensified with Millennials today.

The reason? We are the most advertised to generation in history. We're immune to quick pitches. Not to mention the events we’ve witnessed in the last decade with the economic meltdown, domestic surveillance programs, security breaches, etc.

As a result we've seen an erosion of TRUST.

In fact the trust barometer is off the chart. Edelman revealed in their latest study that in the US only 50% “Trust business to do what’s right” and 15% “Trust Leaders to tell the truth”.

Marketers and salespeople are now on the front-lines of dealing with this lack of trust like we seen in a fun way in the clip below.


Ever been that sales guy? It's easier to fall into that trap than you think.

So how do we put into practice the idea that Authenticity Matters Most.

In it's simplest form.... BE. MORE. HUMAN. In everything you do.

Now I know that can feel slippery and perhaps a little difficult to get your arms around. You might be thinking how the heck do I know if I'm on the right track Seth??

Let me give you an example to bring this to life.

This is playing out in politics in a big way right now.

It’s not a secret that the Republics are playing catch up when it comes to connecting with Millennials. This is not a statement about their policies or who’s right or wrong, this is simply about how each party has gone about trying to reach Millennials. The good news for us, there are some great lessons to be learned.

Earlier this year Republicans rolled out a new campaign specifically targeting Millennials. Take a look at the clip below and see if you think it worked or not.


How do you think it fared in the social space? The answer, the video got blown up. WHY? It didn’t feel authentic? “I get ticked off when politicians...” Who talks like that?! Not to mention the dude looks like he's reading from a script.

Now I want you to watch this campaign, also from Republican candidate.


How did that one feel? Notice the difference? Me too. Darius did a phenomenal job of showing us his human side. We got a glimpse into who he really is. He wasn't staged at a fake rally pretending to talk to people while pointing off into the distance like so many campaign ads show.

Authenticity Matters Most.

In all of your communication, your copy on your social channels, in everything you do ask yourself, is this the way I would actually speak with a friend or colleague or is this total corporate marketing BS?

Its more difficult than ever as a sales person to break through the noise and make real connections with next generation buyers, don't make it harder by regurgitating the same corporate speak your competitors are saying.

Some homework for you and your team....

How can you ensure your digital communication feels authentic?

What’s been your most authentic campaign and how can you replicate it?

Keep me posted and as always let me know if I can help.