Here at FutureSight Labs we're in the midst of a large research project looking at the transformation taking shape within our clients' customer base, particularly within the Enterprise IT products space. The consumeration of IT. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, in short, consumerization is driven by the end user taking technology innovation into their own hands, outside the influence of the IT organization, and buying their own devices, procuring their own service subscriptions, installing their own apps, and finding creative ways to connect to the corporate network, all without IT's approval or knowledge.

Sounds awesome right? Not to CIO's. In fact few trends keep these folks awake at night more.

Obviously one of the big challenges for IT is security risks.

But here’s the truth: No matter how many policies you create or firewalls you put up, your employees will use those “unapproved” things anyway. I see it all the time when I’m traveling. My fellow road warriors will be carrying a big heavy lame-o laptop that their company provided, yet they’re doing their work in the airport on their tablet that they purchased for personal use.

Have you seen this? Have you been guilty of this yourself? Of course you have. We all do it. And why do we do it? Because we're demanding the same level of experience we have with our personal devices as the tools we use for work.

The reality is, for the workforce of the future work and life have merged into one thing. Work is happening at home and life is happening at work. It's all one things. As such why in the world would we want to use less beautiful – less user friendly tools that makes me us LESS EFFICIENT?

When it comes to the consumerization of IT and whether or not it's a real thing.... the debate is over. It's here and it's now. IT leaders need to embrace the fact that our worlds have merged and the influence of the consumer market has created a highly sophisticated, demanding customer. Let's work together to address the security concerns so once and for all my fellow road warriors can carry ONE laptop.

What about you? How many devices are you rolling with? Do you have the ability to choose your corporate communication weapon?