BMW ran a fantastic ad during the Winter Olympics that summed up predicting the future extremely well... Trying to predict the future is a discouraging and hazardous occupation, because the prophet invariably falls between two stools.

1. If their prediction sounds at all reasonable,  you can be quite sure that in 20 or at most 50 years the progress of science and technology has made them seem ridiculously conservative.

2. If a prophet could describe the future exactly as it was going to take place, their predictions would sound so absurd, so far-fetched, that everybody would laugh them to scorn.

"If what I say now seems to be very reasonable, then I'll fail completely. Only if what I tell you appears absolutely unbelievable, have you any chance of visualizing the future as it really will happen." - Sir Arthur C. Clarke, 1964

Perhaps it seems unreasonable but I truly believe that the leaders of the future will no longer lead from the top of a hierarchal chart but from the center of a living breathing network, connecting with and empowering every single individual to make the largest possible impact. I've made it my mission to help leaders and organization open their eyes to this evolution – and to think about what it would mean for not just their organization but our entire world if they saw themselves leading from the center.