Earlier this year I had a chance to sit down with my good friend and business performance expert Ryan Estis to talk about some of big trends and hot topics impacting all of us trying to navigate this new world of work. One of the subjects that came up was managing distractions, maximizing productivity and focus, and in the words of Arianna Huffington, Thrive. Easier said then done.

For instance, if you're still reading and haven't already clicked the play button,  how many internet browser tabs do you have open right now? How long can you focus on your current task before you check your inbox? When do you decide to call it a day knowing there are a million more things you could be doing to build your business?

We’re living in a multi-tasking world where it’s harder and harder to minimize distractions and manage our time for maximum productivity. It takes a concerted effort to push through these challenges and ultimately ship product every single day.

In the video below Ryan and I discuss the challenges and opportunities that exist today because of the digital distractions we all face. Let me know you strategies for locking in and maintaining your focus day in and day out.