Seth Mattison's program NextGen Talent will unleash the power and perspective of every generation in your workforce

Unleash the Power and Perspective of Every Generation

Take a look around your organization today. There’s a good chance you’re working alongside 3 and possibly even 4 generations of talent. Going forward, the workforce is moving inexorably toward greater diversity.

This dynamic can create crippling challenges or game changing advantages for teams that learn to recognize, understand, value, and ultimately tap the strategic perspective that lies within every generation. Fresh eyes along side seasoned wisdom will be a fierce force in the new world of work. Gen-Power will help you harness it.

Seth will explore the histories, personalities, strengths, and challenges of each unique generational group. And share insights and today’s biggest workforce trends.

Tweeted testimonial from Manny Vasquez. Seth Mattison, Powerful, relevant, inspiring! Could see light bulbs turn on above folks' heads!

Attendees gain:

  • Counter intuitive perspectives on today’s unique generations.

  • Deep insights into behaviors and trends impacting engagement.

  • Strategies to influence and persuade across the generations.

  • Communication tactics positioned to resonate with every generation.

Seth Mattison is a force to be reckoned with. Seth spoke at one of our Leadership events and focused his message around “Managing 4 generations in the workplace”. His content was spot on. His keynote was engaging, interactive and connected directly with our audience. Seth did his homework and reached out to several members as well as visiting a member company before the event to ensure he was able to tie in “real-life issues” to the program. His message was just the jump start our members needed to begin reshaping their views and planning within their companies. His presentation was so compelling, that several of our member companies have asked him to attend their conferences or company events to share the knowledge. I would definitively recommend him again.
— Crystal Mayfield, PMA