Go First Leadership

Expanding Leadership Capacity in the Connected Age

In order to effectively lead others today we must first be able to lead ourselves. As traditional hierarchies are reexamined and leadership becomes less about title, tenure, and time at the organization and more about influence, impact, and social capital; our ability to develop, cultivate, and grow our personal presence and own our capacity to show up as our full selves every single day will become the new mandate for leadership in the connected age.

What will be required of us to move the masses and who will we need to become in order to meet the new demands of our hyper-connected, often times digitally distracted era and what’s at stake if we fall short?

In this highly interactive deep dive discussion, Seth will shed light on these questions and add new perspective the conversation of leadership today by dissecting the most critical skills and competencies leaders will need to acquire in order to elevate their impact on the teams they’re supporting, the organizations they’re leading, and the communities they live in.

  • Thanks for a great talk in Chicago. Eye opening, a lot of new thinking was spurred.

    Sekayi Hailwood

Attendees gain:

  • Insights on the skills and competencies required to lead today.
  • Strategies to quiet the minds.
  • Techniques to connect with deep internal wisdom.
  • Confidence to lead from a position of abundance and strength.
  • Perspective to navigate the influx of transformation and change shaping our world today.
  • Seth did a wonderful job here at 3M for us. Everyone who attended provided great feedback on the session. We conducted a survey with all of the Managing Directors to evaluate the presentations and sessions we covered during the week and Seth’s was rated one of the top performers! Thank you very much for your professionalism, enthusiasm and quality work, we really enjoyed working with you.

    Wanda Frias Strategic Planning & Government Markets, 3M Latin America Region
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