Relationship Revolution

Building better connections in the digital age

In today’s super-wired, highly digital society, humans still crave social interaction and relationships. In business, creating strong relationships is the key to achieving success, both individually and as an organization. What’s the secret for cultivating successful relationships, particularly in business? As more and more of lives play out virtually, connections can sometimes feel less than fulfilling. From Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter to Instagram, it’s important to remember just how powerful it can be to reach beyond the fiber optics and make that physical connection.

By balancing the time and energy we spend in both the physical and virtual space we can create deeper and more meaningful connections.

Seth will explore 5 key insights that will equip you for building better, stronger, more authentic relationships in the new world of work.
  • Couldn't agree more with Seth's keynote "The Relationship Revolution," on three ways to communicate better.

    Megan O'Neal

Attendees gain:

  • Insights on the roadblocks preventing us from forming meaning relationships in the digital age.
  • New perspectives on the power of empathy, authenticity, and vulnerability to foster lasting bonds.
  • A road map for nurturing and growing lasting relationships.
  • I had the chance to see Seth speak in Las Vegas at the Audigy Team Summit. He was sandwiched between two other big speakers (Jim Collins & John C. Maxwell) and none of us knew who he was. It didn’t take long for that to change though. By the end everyone around me commented that he was the BEST of the group. Seth was the FIRST to open my eyes to the Hierarchy versus the Network concept and it’s completely changed the way I think about my workforce.

    Dr. Scott Young CCC-A, FAAA, Hearing Solutions Centers, Inc.
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