The Approach

Fully customized programs that spark unique dialogues and actionable takeaways for every event from major conferences to strategy workshops.
We speak to radically diverse industries, so we can leverage unique insights from the real experiences of all our clients. We then combine that knowledge with content specific to your business.


From interviews with your employees and leaders to deep analysis of your market and industry, we work hard prior to your event to ensure the content we present is relevant and actionable to your audience.

5 Step

Client Activation Process


Pre-event Questionnaire

This is a key document clients fill out with a number of questions to help us better understand the business/industry/association and key objectives of the event.


Kick-Off Call

30 – 60 Minute con call with key stakeholders to determine critical outcome objects and direction for the program.


30 Minute Interviews

(If Client Is OK With) – At FutureSight Labs we typically interview 6-10 individuals from the organization to get a broad and diverse understanding of the business and key opportunities/challenges.


Review Call

(If Necessary) 30-60 Minute con call to finalize event details.



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